The Pyropath is one of the five Classes in Elepaths. Pyropaths have dominion over fire.

The defining aspect of the Pyropath is his sheer power. The Pyropath has higher damage than any other class, and his overwhelming force makes him an important member of the team. However, the Pyropath has almost no CC or tanking ability, and relies on his teammates to protect him. A Pyropath can win fair 1v1 fights handily, maybe even 2v1, but it depends on him getting the first attack: If an opponent is given a chance to cc the firebender, he is at their mercy. Pyropaths are powerful nukers, but they can also provide sustained damage. Pyropaths are high-priority targets.

Stats Edit

HP = 23 + ((4 + Earth)) * Level)

Chi = 5 + ((1 + Thought) * Level)