The Pneumopath is one of the five Classes in Elepaths. Pneumopaths have control over air and wind.

Pneumopaths are the jack-of-all-trades of a party. Able to provide powerful battlefield control with their variety of displacements, output damage, and even tank with their high Dodge stat, Pneumopaths can fill any role in the party with competency, although they certainly fill some roles better than others, and fill no role better than any other class. They start with low health and damage output, but they get their first big power spike at Level 3, when they get the ability to turn Chi into AP, or Movement Speed + Dodge. Their damage output never really gets huge, but they’re able to defend themselves, especially with the aid of the numerous displacements and their high Chi allowing them to cast powers continually.

Stats Edit

HP = 23 + ((4 + Earth) * Level)

Chi = 5 + ((2 + Thought) * Level)